FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)


When will my papers be delivered?
We usually deliver between 5am and 7.30am – 7 days a week, every day of the year (except Christmas Day).

If there’s a problem with my delivery, who do I tell?
Please phone our office on 0131 337 1717 to report the problem, and we will sort it out for you. If you phone us before 9.30am, we will do our best to send a driver with any missing papers. If you phone after that time, and we are unable to deliver a replacement paper, we can deliver it the next day. Alternatively, we can credit your account to make sure that you are not charged for it..

How do I stop my papers for a short time whilst I am away from home?
Please contact us by 11am on the weekday before you would like the stop actioned. You can contact us via the form at the bottom of the page or call our office on 0131 337 1717, send an e-mail, or send us your request by post. We will then stop your papers whilst you are away, and resume deliveries when you come back. If you don’t know when you will be returning home, we can stop them indefinitely until you contact us again. Residential customer’s service charge is levied on a daily basis so you will not be charged for the days you do not receive a delivery.


Can I order foreign newspapers and magazines like Le Monde and the Wall Street Journal?
Please give us the name of the publication, and we will check to see whether or not we can deliver it to you.

Do you accept very small or very large newspaper orders?
We can deliver anything from one newspaper once a week, to hundreds of newspapers every day!

How much does it cost to get my newpapers and magazines delivered to my home or office?
You pay the cover price of the newspaper or magazine, plus a monthly Service Charge. The Service Charge will be agreed with you when you first contact us, but for most home deliveries it is currently from 45p per day.

Do you accept newspaper vouchers?
We accept both the vouchers that are sent by newspaper publishers direct to their subscribers (eg Scotsman and Financial Times), and the vouchers that you cut out of the newspaper every day (eg Daily Express). For more details, see our Services page.


When do I pay?
We will post an invoice to you at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s papers, and we request payment within 21 days. For example, you will receive an invoice for your September papers at the beginning of October, and you should pay that invoice by the end of October.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Banks are discouraging the use of cheques and P.O.s by making the pay-in process increasingly time consuming, so we are trying to move away from these. Our preferred methods of payment are by Direct Debit or BACs, although we do accept cheques and cash.